About Us

Macromoltek is based in beautiful Austin, Texas and is comprised of a diverse and knowledgeable team of engineers and scientists. Our mission is to streamline the biopharmaceutical research process in order to make new discoveries quickly and efficiently. We are dedicated to finding solutions against a diverse set of diseases and targets.

The Leadership Team


Monica Berrondo - CEO

Monica Berrondo

Monica Berrondo, Ph.D., is an entrepreneur, scientist, and software engineer. Her expertise lies in antibody structure-prediction and analysis, protein functional analysis, protein mutational analysis, and computational approaches to complex scientific problems. Dr. Berrondo has authored over 10 peer-reviewed scientific articles in journals such as Proteins, JMB, and PLoS One.
Since moving to Austin, TX, she has already made her mark, being voted Austin Magazine’s Woman of the Year in 2013, winning Austin Startup Week’s Founder of the Year in 2015, pitching as a semi-finalist in the Circular Board pitch competition in Houston (April 2016), and being featured in a recent article in Inc. magazine (2016).


Susana Kaufmann - CTO

Susana Kaufmann

Susana Kaufmann is a software and algorithmic expert, with over 25 years of experience as a senior developer. She has cross-industry experience in inter-platform software development and computer simulation in the petrochemical, combustion, pharmaceutical and financial sectors. Susana has many years of successful delivery in technology services, having managed a software consulting company.
As Macromoltek’s CTO and co-founder, Susana has leveraged her deep knowledge of fluid dynamics in building the company’s advanced computational engine. Additionally, she has driven the development of Macromoltek’s database used for custom antibody design projects.